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Phép màu của Chúa, Karen Kingsbury ; Phương Họ dị́ch

Phép màu của Chúa, Karen Kingsbury ; Phương Họ dị́ch
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Phép màu của Chúa
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Karen Kingsbury ; Phương Họ dị́ch
"As Christmas nears, John Baxter makes a bold gesture - he invites a stranger to share Christmas Eve dinner with his family. But not just any stranger. This woman is the recipient of his daughter Erin's heart. John knows the invitation will impact each of his adult kids and their families. But will they choose to embrace their guest? And how will the woman's presence affect his granddaughter - the one who feels the loss of her mother most keenly? Kendra Bryant, John's surprising guest, has been given a second chance at life, but at great cost to the Baxter family. Maybe meeting them will instill some much-needed peace into her life. And maybe Christmas Eve dinner will even help heal Kendra's failing marriage. Meanwhile, Maddie West's job at the local theater has her working alongside an amazing guy. But Maddie knows she has to keep him at a distance or risk exposing a secret she's hidden for years. In a moment of faith, she sends up a desperate prayer for help. What happens next leaves Maddie - and the entire Baxter family - shocked at God's perfect grace and timing." --,
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