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Listen! the angels speak, channeled messages from the realm of the angels, Carolynn Milne

Listen! the angels speak, channeled messages from the realm of the angels, Carolynn Milne
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non fiction
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Listen! the angels speak
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Carolynn Milne
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channeled messages from the realm of the angels
It was a cold wet day. I made my friends a hot cuppa and stoked up the open fire. We sat looking at the flames and talking. My voice suddenly changed in mid-sentence. The words I was saying were beautiful and elegant, but they were, not mine! I was startled and confused. What was going on? What was that amazing energy flowing through me? After the initial shock, I quietened my mind enough to hear Maitreya. It was his energy and his words. He was with me to teach me and to work through me. Over the next few days, Jesus and Mary Magdalene both came through me with messages and energy to guide me. I realized that as each came and went I had an involuntary shudder. When I started to record their messages I found that my handwriting changed for each. Six years later, I still feel the amazing energies and often emotions and feelings. I now know that this is not just for me, but for all of humanity. No, I don't have to be a Saint. I just need to have pure and loving thoughts at the time I am receiving, and very importantly, when I am recording. Pure intention and loving thoughts and lots of faith in me, and in the Messengers, allows this remarkable gift to flow through me. I think of my higher consciousness as a dome. I open the door with a filter so only the Divine can enter. The Messenger is never a force that controls me. That is my deal with the Divine. I always have free will. The Messengers communicate to me by voice, and sometimes a knowing what to write in large blocks of information
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