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Classic film noir

Classic film noir
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Classic film noir
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Disc 1. Too late for tears: A man just found $60,000 and his wife insists that he keep it rather than turn it in to the cops. Wanting the money for herself, she kills her husband then reports him missing. The man who cheated himself: Ed Cullen, a San Francisco police officer, is in love with socialite Lois Frazer. Ed seems to find himself stuck between a rock and a hard place when Lois decides to kill her husband and Ed's brother is assigned to solve the case. The stranger: Charles Rankin, a college professor living Connecticut, is hiding an evil Nazi past. When one of his guilt-stricken ex-soldiers shows up in town, the two men go for a long walk into the woods, but Rankin comes out aloneDisc 2. The strange case of Martha Ivers: Martha Ivers is a rich and conceited heiress bound to a man she despises because of a crime she committed long ago. The hitchhiker: When two men on a fishing trip pick up a hitchhiker, their lives take a haunting turn. The lone traveler turns out to be a psychopath who also happens to sleep with one eye open. Quicksand: In order to take Vera out on a date, Dan Brady needs some money. He starts by swindling his employer, then hocks a watch, robs a bar patron, steals a car, and by the end of the movie finds himself running from the law, gun in handDisc 3. Detour: After he is picked up while hitchhiking, Al Roberts' samaritan dies of a heart attack. Afraid of being accused of the murder, he ditches the body, then takes the man's clothes, wallet, and car. The scar: Convicted thief John Muller tries to go into hiding by assuming the identity of a psychiatrist (Dr. Bartok) who looks just like him. D.O.A.: When Frank Bigelow realizes that he's been poisoned by deadly iridium, he desperately retraces the last 24 hours of his life, trying to discover who wants to murder him
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Disc 1. Too late for tears (99 min.; 1948) / United Artists director, Byron Haskin screenplay, Roy Huggins -- The man who cheated himself (81 min.; 1950) / Jack M. Warner Production director, Felix E. Feist ; screenplay, Seton I. Miller and Philip MacDonald -- The stranger (95 min. ; 1946) / International Pictures director, Orson Welles screenplay, Anthony Veiller original story, Victor TrivasDisc 2. The strange love of Martha Ivers (117 min. ; 1946) / Paramount Pictures ; Hal Wallis production ; director, Lewis Milestone ; screenplay, Robert Rossen original story, Jack Patrick -- The hitchhiker (71 min. ; 1953) / Filmakers ; director, Ida Lupino ; screenplay, Collier Young and Ida Lupino -- Quicksand (79 min. ; 1950) / United Artists ; director, Irving Pichel ; original screenplay, Robert SmithDisc 3. Detour (67 min. ; 1946) / PRC Pictures ; director, Edgar G. Ulmer ; screenplay and original story, Martin Goldsmith -- The scar (83 min. ; 1948) / Eagle Lion Films ; director, Steve Sekely ; screenplay, Daniel Fuchs -- D.O.A. (83 min. ; 1949) / United Artists ; Harry M. Popkin ; director, Rudolph Maté ; story and screenplay, Russell Rouse and Clarence Greene
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