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The five dysfunctions of a team, a leadership fable, Patrick Lencioni

The five dysfunctions of a team, a leadership fable, Patrick Lencioni
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non fiction
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The five dysfunctions of a team
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Patrick Lencioni
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Business book summary
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a leadership fable
After her first two weeks observing the problems at DecisionTech, Kathryn Petersen, its new CEO, had more than a few moments when she wondered if she should have taken the job. But Kathryn knew there was little chance she would have turned it down. After all, retirement had made her antsy, and nothing excited her more than a challenge. What she could not have known when she accepted the job, however, was just how dysfunctional her team was, and how team members would challenge her in ways that no one ever had before. In this book, the author turns his keen intellect and storytelling power to the fascinating, complex world of teams. Kathryn Petersen, DecisionTech's CEO, faces the ultimate leadership crisis: uniting a team that is in such disarray that it threatens to bring down the entire company. Will she succeed? Will she be fired? Will the company fail? The author's story serves as a timeless reminder that leadership requires as much courage as it does insight. Throughout the story, he reveals the five dysfunctions that go to the very heart of why teams, even the best ones, often struggle. He outlines a powerful model and actionable steps that can be used to overcome these common hurdles and build a cohesive, effective team.--Publisher information
Table Of Contents
The Fable. Luck ; Underachievement ; Lighting the fire ; Heavy lifting ; Traction. -- The Model. An overview of the model ; Team assessment ; Understanding and overcoming the five dysfunctions. -- A note about time: Kathryn's methods -- A special tribute to teamwork
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