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You got the power, northern soul 1964-1967

You got the power, northern soul 1964-1967
Form of composition
popular music
Format of music
not applicable
Main title
You got the power
sound recording
Music parts
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Sub title
northern soul 1964-1967
Table Of Contents
You got the power (the Four Exceptions) (2:03) -- Because of my heart (Frankie Beverly & the Butlers) (2:46) -- (Whoa, whoa) I love him so (Nikki Blu) (2:45) -- Girl don't make me wait (Bunny Sigler) (2:22) -- It's rough out there (Jerry Jackson) (2:24) -- Envy in my eyes (the Orlons) (2:42) -- Picture me gone (Evie Sands) (3:17) -- Country girl (Vickie Baines) (2:17) -- Night owl (Bobby Paris) (2:24) -- Village of tears (Ben Zine) (2:21) -- You just don't know (what you do to me) (Chubby Checker) (2:29) -- The 81 (Candy and the Kisses) (2:36) -- Shake and shingaling (part I) (Gene Waiters) (2:41) -- S.O.S. (heart in distress) (Christine Cooper) (2:23) -- Eddie's my name (Eddie Holman) (2:53) -- Pass me by (Hattie Winston) (2:33) -- The grass (will sing for you) (Lonnie Youngblood) (3:38) -- (Your love was just a) False alarm (Tari Stevens) (2:20) -- Who do you think you are (the Soul City) (2:30) -- You didn't say a word (Yvonne Baker) (2:38)
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