The shadow of Perseus, a novel, Claire Heywood
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  • The shadow of Perseus, a novel, Claire Heywood
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  • The shadow of Perseus
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  • a novel
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  • Claire Heywood
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  • "Nationally bestselling author of Daughters of Sparta Claire Heywood returns with an imaginative and female-centered reinterpretation of the myth of the great hero Perseus, told through the voices of three women who are sidelined in the traditional version - his mother Danae, his trophy Medusa, and his wife Andromeda - but whose viewpoints reveal a man who is not, in fact, a hero at all"--, Provided by publisher
  • Banished from her homeland thanks to a prophecy foretelling that her unborn child will one day cause the death of her father, the king of Argos, Danae finds herself stranded, pregnant, and alone in a remote fishing village-- forging a new life for her young son Perseus will be the hardest thing she has ever done. As a member of the Gorgons, a reclusive band of women who live deep in the woods, Medusa eschews contact with the outside world- until the day she finds an injured boy named Perseus in the forest. When her nomadic desert tribe's way of life is threatened, Andromeda knows that a sacrifice will be required to appease the gods-- until Perseus interferes and sets her life on a new path.As Perseus casts a shadow of violence and destruction across all three women's lives, reclaiming their voices is their only hope for lifting themselves into a better future. -- adapted from jacket
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  • fiction
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