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Taking people with you, the only way to make big things happen, David Novak

Taking people with you, the only way to make big things happen, David Novak
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Taking people with you
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David Novak
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the only way to make big things happen
As the CEO of the world's largest restaurant company, with a staggering 1.4 million employees, Novak has spent the last ten years developing a program for creating effective leaders at every level. In "Taking People With You", he shows exactly how to keep your teams motivated and on track: never stop learning, always celebrate achievement and never tolerate poor performance
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Introduction: Taking people with you -- An insight-driven approach to leading people and achieving big goals -- Get your mind-set right -- Be your best self: be yourself, know yourself; grow yourself -- Be an avid learner: seek and build know-how -- Unleash the power of people -- You have to believe it can be done -- Have a plan: strategy, structure, culture -- Strategy: tell it like it is-- and how it could be -- Strategy: create a vision and personalize it -- Strategy: gain alignment every step of the way at every level -- Structure: resources, organization, and process enable execution -- Culture: make "winning together" a big idea -- Follow through to get results -- Market the change: be a bold ad for your big goal -- Understand and overcome the barriers to success -- Use recognition to drive performance -- The change is never over -- Afterword: Be your own big goal: move from me to we
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