Columbo, created by Richard Levinson & William Link, 1989-1990
The work Columbo, created by Richard Levinson & William Link, 1989-1990 represents a distinct intellectual or artistic creation found in San Francisco Public Library.

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  • Columbo, created by Richard Levinson & William Link, 1989-1990
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  • Columbo
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  • created by Richard Levinson & William Link
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  • Mystery movie collection 1989-1990
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  • Columbo goes to the guillotine: "There's much more than meets the eye when Columbo investigates the death of a magician who supposedly was killed by one of his own clever magic tricks"--Container
  • Murder, smoke and shadows: "Columbo searches for clues on the cutting-room floor when he suspects a high-powered film director of hiding evidence of murder"--Container
  • Sex and the married detective: "Does the heart rule the head, or vice versa? Columbo ponders the answer to this timeless question and others when he must outwit a sex therapist involved in a crime of passion"--Container
  • Grand deceptions: "Rank and reputation prove to be particularly difficult obstacles when Columbo looks into the murder of a respected military general by one of his overly ambitious colonels"--Container
  • Murder, a self portrait: "It's no murder-by-numbers when Columbo investigates the deadly relationship between a savvy artist, his troubled ex-wife, his attention-starved current wife, and his live-in model"--Container
  • Columbo cries wolf: "When a woman with the controlling interest in a magazine disappears before a meeting to discuss selling her majority share, Columbo is ready to throw the book at her partner"--Container
  • Agenda for murder: "It's not an open-and-shut case when a man with strong political connections--and a strong motive for murder--was the last person to see a supposed suicide victim alive"--Container
  • Rest in peace, Mrs. Columbo: "Columbo's case is personal and deadly serious when the wife of a man he helped put in prison is on a quest for revenge"--Container
  • Uneasy lies the crown: "It's time to get to the root of the problem when Columbo investigates a jealous dentist, his wealthy wife, and her movie-star lover"--Container
  • Murder in Malibu: "Columbo must read between the lines when he looks into the killing of a wealthy romance novelist who was found dead in an unusual state of distress"--Container
  • Columbo goes to college: "Columbo enters the hallowed halls of higher education after the murder of a professor and discovers that some seemingly helpful students aren't making the grade"--Container
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