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Swallowed light, Michael Wasson

Swallowed light, Michael Wasson
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Swallowed light
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Michael Wasson
"Swallowed Light begins at the opened clearing of myth, at the mouth of history. In his breathtaking debut poetry collection, Michael Wasson writes into the gaps left by a legacy of erasure―the wholly American fracture of colonialism―where the indigenous tongue is determined to bloom against its own vanishing. These poems mourn and build with pattern and intricacy, intuition and echo, calling ocean and heartbreak and basalt, monsters and bullets and bones, until they form one vibrant song"--, Amazon
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Aposiopesis [or, The field between the living & the dead] -- I. Ezekiel 37:3. Swallowed prayers at creation. Ant & yellow jacket. Resurrect. Testament #90. O. unilateralis s.l. Self-portrait as 1879-1934. I say after-rain, you say hahalxpaawisa. Gather up the bones & arrange them well. Portrait with smeared centuries. On the horizon -- II. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. A boy & his mother play dead at dawn. Wintering/he'elwéhtse. Years later, na'plax, in the yard, asks me to rename him. The exile. paq'qtát cilakátki. Close to each other with [a/the] body. Self-portrait as collected bones [rejoice, rejoice]. Ligature. The faithful purge, on behalf of your heavenly father. Self-portrait as Article 1[1] [Treaty with the Nez Percés, 1855]: cession of lands to the United States -- III. Face-to-face with one of the gods. Your still-life is no longer still. A poem for the háawtnin' & héwlekipx [the Holy Ghost of you, the space & thin air]. Self-portrait toward a fuge [no. _ in _ [flat] minor]. [Untitled]. World made visible. The bones of us. This dusk in a mouth full of prayer. A soliloquy would imply that the stage is empty. On the aggrieved. I am another of yourself: hand-pounded bark, handmade paper: sumi ink: Gayle Crites: 2016 -- Your are there, almost, without a name, without a body, go now -- Notes -- About the author
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