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Aftermath, LeVar Burton

Aftermath, LeVar Burton
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LeVar Burton
America today is teetering on the edge of the alarming vision presented in LeVar Burton's debut novel, written more than two decades ago . . . In 2012, the first African American president is assassinated by a white extremist--just four days after he is elected. The horrific tragedy leads to riots, financial collapse, and ultimately, a full-on civil war. In its aftermath, millions are left homeless as famine and disease spread throughout the country. But from Chicago, a mysterious voice cries out . . . To Leon Crane, a former NASA scientist now struggling to survive on the streets, the pleas he hears remind him of the wife he could not save--and offer him a chance at redemption. To Jacob Fire Cloud, a revered Lakota medicine man, the voice is a sign that the White Buffalo Woman has returned to unite all the races in peace and prosperity. And to little Amy Ladue, the cries are those of her mother, who disappeared during the devastating St. Louis earthquake--and who must still be alive. These three strangers will be drawn together to rescue someone they have never met, a woman who holds the key to a new future for humanity--one remarkably brimming with hope
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