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Legacies of great economists, Timothy Taylor

Legacies of great economists, Timothy Taylor
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Legacies of great economists
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Timothy Taylor
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When it comes to economics and economic theory, a few thinkers dominate the landscape. Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Alfred Marshall, John Maynard Keynes, and a handful of others have shaped the world of economics and influenced our lives. These 10 lectures acquaint you with the thoughts, theories, and lives of these great economists. You'll grasp the guiding principles of economics through a better understanding of the economists who developed them. In this broad span of time since these thinkers first presented their ideas, economic issues and concerns have changed greatly - but core economic doctrine remains. These lectures provide a fresh take on how various economic theories were formed and how subsequent economists fine-tuned those theories. They show that there are valuable lessons to be learned from history's great economists, whether their theories have held up over time, required revision, or been discredited in practice. And as Professor Taylor leads you through those theories, you'll come away with insight about why some current disputes over economic policy have been continual sources of argument over the last several centuries. By providing a glimpse into the minds of the geniuses who laid the foundations of modern economics, Professor Taylor offers new ideas and perspectives to enhance your understanding of the subject. More than dull numbers and graphs, this series focuses on personalities and brings economics to life
Table Of Contents
Before economics: mercantilists and physiocrats -- Adam Smith and the birth of economics -- The dismal science, Thomas Robert Malthus and David Ricardo -- John Stuart Mill and utilitarianism -- Karl Marx and socialism -- Alfred Marshall and marginalist thought -- The socialist calculation debate -- Joseph Schumpeter and entrepreneuralism -- John Maynard Keyes and the Keynesian revolution -- Milton Friedman and the rebirth of classical economics
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