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Indelible in the hippocampus, writings from the me too movement, edited by Shelly Oria

Indelible in the hippocampus, writings from the me too movement, edited by Shelly Oria
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non fiction
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Indelible in the hippocampus
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edited by Shelly Oria
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writings from the me too movement
"This truly intersectional collection of essays, fiction, and poetry sound the voices of black, Latinx, Asian, queer, and trans writers and says "me too" 22 times. Whether reflecting on their teenage selves or their modern-day workplaces, each contributor approaches the subject with unforgettable authenticity and strength."--Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Foreword / by Shelly Oria -- Your story is yours / by Kaitlyn Greenidge -- Bye, baby / by Melissa Febos -- How did it all begin? / by Syreeta McFadden -- The women's march / by Rebecca Schiff -- Evolutionary theory / by Diana Spechler -- A promise obtained by coercion is never binding / by Hossannah Asuncion -- Dearborn Street / by Nelly Reifler -- Hot for teacher / by Courtney Zoffness -- The great transition / by Quito Ziegler -- Glad past wods / by Mecca Jamilah Sullivan -- What does forgiveness mean? / by Jolie Holland -- Six poems / by Lynn Melnick -- Lakes / by Caitlin Delohery -- Nightingale: a gloss / by Paisley Rekdal -- Letter to myself upon entering college / by Caitlin Donohue -- Linger / by Gabrielle Bellot -- My body, my story / by Karissa Chen -- Re: your rape story / by Elissa Schappell -- One thousand and one nights / by Samantha Hunt -- Changing the subject (did it ever happen to you?) / by Honor Moore -- Apologia / by Donika Kelly -- A good man is hard to find / by Hafizah Geter -- But we will win / by Shelly Oria
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Wrightings from the me too movementWritings from the #MeToo movement
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