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Planet nivrus, Lamees Alhassar

Planet nivrus, Lamees Alhassar
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Planet nivrus
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Lamees Alhassar
Earth has been, plundered by its inhabitants for far too long. It is now a whirling mass of destruction, being, pulled into its own Sun. Captain Kristen and the crew of the Atlantis have been, tasked with finding a suitable replacement world before it is too late. In their travels, they come across many strange beings, and are, captured by some to be, used as pawns in a game for their own race's salvation. The leader of one planet reluctantly agrees to help them, merely with guidance to find the makers of Planet Earth. He suggests that when a machine breaks down, one goes to the maker of the machine. Since humans have ,"broken" Earth, why not find the makers of the planet? Will the crew of the Atlantis find the makers? And even, if they do, will it be in time, and will the makers agree to help? "Good morning. This is Captain Kristen, Commander of Atlantis Mission Explorer," she stated. "Today is day 1,472 since we departed Earth. I hope today will be a good day for us, a day when we will have some good news to relay back to you at home. News that will bring us all hope and salvation." She shut down the laptop and sighed. "Hope and salvation", she repeated to herself
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