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The ice swan, J'nell Ciesielski

The ice swan, J'nell Ciesielski
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The ice swan
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J'nell Ciesielski
"Amid the violent last days of the glittering Russian court, a Russian princess on the run finds her heart where she least expects it"--, Provided by publisher1917. Fleeing the flames of the Russian Revolution, Princess Svetlana Dalsky hopes to find safety in Paris with her mother and sister. But the city is buckling under the weight of the Great War, and the Bolsheviks will not rest until they have erased every Russian aristocrat from memory. Born the second son of a Scottish duke, the only title Wynn MacCallan cares for is that of surgeon. In the hospitals in Paris he pushes the boundaries of medical science to give his patients the best care possible. After treating Svetlana for a minor injury, he is pulled into a world of decaying imperial glitter. Out of money and options, Svetlana agrees to a marriage of convenience; Wynn will protect her and pay off her family's debts. As the Bolsheviks chase them to Scotland, will they ever be able to outrun the love they are beginning to feel for one another? -- adapted from back cover
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