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Buddha's office, the ancient art of waking up while working well, Dan Zigmond

Buddha's office, the ancient art of waking up while working well, Dan Zigmond
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Buddha's office
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Dan Zigmond
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the ancient art of waking up while working well
"Too many of us are working long hours, dealing with difficult bosses, high-maintenance coworkers, and non-stop stress. We need someone to help remind us that there is a better way. With Buddha's wisdom at the core of every chapter, Buddha's Office will help you learn how to stop taking shortcuts and pay more attention, care for yourself and others, deal with distractions, and incorporate Buddha's ageless instructions into our modern working life. It's time to wake up and start working in a more enlightened way. One that is right for you, right for our health, right for your sanity, and right for the world."--Back cover
Table Of Contents
Why work? -- The cost of suffering -- Buddhism was a start-up -- Buddha's big idea -- Paying attention -- Meditate like a Buddha -- The problem with expertise -- Working without working -- Buddha on the bus -- Sleeping to wake up -- Telling the truth -- Bickering Buddhas -- How to be ambitious -- What Yoda got wrong -- Remembering to breathe -- Attachment and detachment -- Balancing better than Buddha -- You are not your job -- Dealing with distractions -- Begging for lunch -- Who would Buddha fire? -- Walking away -- Data-driven dharma -- Living in the present moment -- Serving all sentient beings -- Did you just become a Buddhist?
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