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The path to a long and healthy life, Ahmed Y. Tatieta

The path to a long and healthy life, Ahmed Y. Tatieta
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The path to a long and healthy life
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Ahmed Y. Tatieta
This book shows the interconnectedness between the universe, our spirit, and our health. This offering covers ancient wisdom and medical practices from Africa centuries ago regarding healing and longevity. Among its many topics, the book covers Philosophy, Astronomy, Science, Spirituality, Human Relationships, History, Modern Medicine and Alternative Medicine, just to name some of the subject matters. The Path to a Long and Healthy Life by Ahmed Y. Tatieta is the second in the Path Series books. It picks up where his first book, The Soul Pathway to Total Health, leaves off. You will learn: - How to use natural herbs, trees, vegetables and fruit to heal diseases. - How to bring positive energy into your home or workplace. - How to practice silence, meditate and deep breathe to control stress. - How to use natural cures to manage chronic diseases such as diabetes. - How the ancient principles of Kemet and Ma'at apply today. - How the history of African medicine originated many of the medical practices of today
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