Phaedra, a novel, Laura Shepperson
The work Phaedra, a novel, Laura Shepperson represents a distinct intellectual or artistic creation found in San Francisco Public Library.

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  • Phaedra, a novel, Laura Shepperson
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  • Phaedra
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  • a novel
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  • Laura Shepperson
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  • "Phaedra has been cast to the side all her life: daughter of an adulteress, sister of a monster, and now unwilling bride to the much-older, power-hungry Theseus. Young, naïve, and idealistic, she has accepted her lot in life, resigned to existing under the sinister weight of Theseus's control and the constant watchful eye of her handsome stepson Hippolytus. When supposedly pious Hippolytus assaults her, Phaedra's world is darkened in the face of untouchable, prideful power. In the face of injustice, Phaedra refuses to remain quiet any longer: such an awful truth demands to be brought to light. When Phaedra publicly accuses Hippolytus of rape, she sparks an overdue reckoning. The men of Athens gather to determine the truth. Meanwhile, the women of the city, who have no vote, are gathering in the shadows. The women know truth is a slippery thing in the hands of men. There are two sides to every story, and theirs has gone unheard. Until now"--, Provided by publisher
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  • fiction
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  • adult
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