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Great authors of the western literary tradition

Great authors of the western literary tradition
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Great authors of the western literary tradition
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The great courses. Literature and English language
Surveys over 70 literary geniuses and masterpieces of western literature. Examines the works, styles, themes and relationships with one another and the role they played both within the context of their own times and within the larger span of literary history
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pt. I. Near Eastern and Mediterranean foundations / taught by Professor Elizabeth Vandiver. Foundations -- The Epic of Gilgamesh -- Genesis and the documentary hypothesis -- The Deuteronomistic history -- Isaiah -- Job -- Homer: the Iliad -- Homer: the Odyssey -- Sappho and Pindar -- Aeschylus -- Sophocles -- Euripidespt. II. Literature of the classical world / taught by Professor Elizabeth Vandiver. Herodotus -- Thucydides -- Aristophanes -- Plato -- Menander and Hellenistic literature -- Catullus and Horace -- Virgil -- Ovid -- Livy, Tacitus, Plutarch -- Petronius and Apuleius -- The Gospels -- Augustinept. III. Literature of the Middle Ages / taught by Professor Thomas F.X. Noble. Beowulf -- The Song of Roland -- El Cid -- Tristan and Isolt -- The Romance of the rose -- Dante Alighieri: Life and works -- Dante Alighieri: The Divine comedy -- Petrarch --Giovanni Boccaccio -- Sir Gawain and the Green Knight -- Geoffrey Chaucer: Life and works -- Geoffrey Chaucer: The Canterbury talespt. IV. Literature of the Renaissance / taught by Professor Ronald B. Herzman. Christine de Pizan -- Erasmus -- Thomas More -- Michel de Montaigne -- Franȯis Rabelais -- Christopher Marlowe -- William Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice -- William Shakespeare: Hamlet -- Lope de Vega -- Miguel de Cervantes -- John Milton -- Blaise Pascalpt. V. Neoclassic literature and the 18th century / taught by Professor Susan Sage Heinzelman. Moliére -- Jean Racine -- Sister Juana Inés de la Cruz -- Daniel Defoe -- Alexander Pope -- Jonathan Swift -- Voltaire -- Jean-Jacques Rousseau -- Samuel Johnson -- Denis Diderot -- William Blake -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethept. VI. Literature of the 19th century / taught by Professor James A.W. Heffernan. William Wordsworth -- Jane Austen -- Stendhal -- Herman Melville -- Walt Whitman -- Gustave Flaubert -- Charles Dickens -- Fyodor Dostoevsky -- Leo Tolstoy -- Mark Twain -- Thomas Hardy -- Oscar Wildept. VII. Modern literature / taught by Professor James A.W. Heffernan. Henry James -- Joseph Conrad -- William Butler Yeats -- Marcel Proust -- James Joyce -- Franz Kafka -- Virginia Woolf --William Faulkner -- Bertolt Brecht -- Albert Camus -- Samuel Beckett -- Conclusion
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