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Frederick Seidel selected poems, Frederick Seidel

Frederick Seidel selected poems, Frederick Seidel
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Frederick Seidel selected poems
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Frederick Seidel
"A selection of poems spanning Seidel's career. Journals and anthologies in which these poems first appeared: Sunrise (Viking Press, 1979) These Days (Knopf, 1989) My Tokyo (FSG, 1993) Going Fast (FSG, 1998) The Cosmos Poems (FSG, 2000) Life on Earth (FSG, 2001) Ooga Booga (FSG, 2006) Evening Man (FSG, 2009) Nice Weather (FSG, 2012) Widening Income Inequality (FSG, 2016) Peaches Goes It Alone (FSG, 2018)"--, Provided by publisher
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Machine generated contents note:, FROM SUNRISE (1980), 1968, The Soul Mate, Sunrise, To Robert Lowell and Osip Mandelstam, Men and Woman, Fucking, What One Must Contend With, Robert Kennedy, FROM THESE DAYS (1989), Scotland, Flame, Our Gods, That Fall, A Dimpled Cloud, The Blue-Eyed Doe, FROM MY TOKYO(1993), Hair in a Net, The Ritz, Paris, Glory, Sonnet, Burkina Faso, Pol Pot, Stroke, My Tokyo, FROM GOING FAST(1998), Midnight, Prayer, The Night Sky, The Stars Above the Empty Quarter, Contents Under Pressure, At Gracie Mansion, Mood Indigo, Spring, Dune Road, Southampton, In Memoriam, Anyone with the Wish, A Gallop to Farewell, A Vampire in the Age of AIDS, Another Muse, Spin, Eisenhower Years, Vermont, Racine, Milan, A Pretty Girl, Going Fast, FROM THE COSMOS POEMS(2000), Into the Emptiness, Invisible Dark Matter, FROM LIFE ON EARTH(2001), Frederick Seidel, FROM OOGA-BOOGA(2006), Kill Poem, Violin, Homage to Pessoa, Fog, A Red Flower, The Owl You Heard, E-mail from an Owl, Dante's Beatrice, Bologna, Cloclo, Barbados, Climbing Everest, Broadway Melody, The Black-Eyed Virgins, Eurostar, Drinking in the Daytime, The Death of the Shah, FROM EVENING MAN(2008), Boys, "Sii romantico, Seidel, tanto per cambiare", Bipolar November, Italy, Mu'allaqa, Evening Man, Poem by the Bridge at Ten-Shin, FROM NICE WEATHER(2012), Night, Store Windows, Downtown, Before Air-Conditioning, Midterm Election Results, 2010, Snow, Charlie, Arnold Toynbee, Mac Bundy, Hercules Bellville, Nice Weather, London, Mount Street Gardens, One Last Kick for Dick, FROM WIDENING INCOME INEQUALITY(2016), Remembering Elaine's, City, France Now, Robespierre, A Problem with the Landing Gear, Autumn Leaves, The Bird on the Crocodile's Back, The Lovely Redhead, Man in Slicker, The End of Summer, Karl, Sunset at Swan Lake, Polio Days, Me, Widening Income Inequality, FROM PEACHES GOES IT ALONE(2018), Athena, Too Much, The Ezra Pound Look-Alike, Miss Charlotte, And now good-morrow to our waking souls, In Late December, England Now, Generalissimo Francisco Franco Is Still Dead, Ducati Years, Ducati Days, Epithalamion for Stein and Stein, To Mac Griswold, Near the New Whitney, Autumn, Quand vous serez bien vieille, Barbara Epstein, Verdant Valley, One of the Bridesmaids, Hymn to Aphrodite, The Blue Suit, Surf's Up
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