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La vida en las ventanas, Andrés Neuman

La vida en las ventanas, Andrés Neuman
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La vida en las ventanas
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Andrés Neuman
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Net is a young university student whose life seems to not make much sense. At the beginning of the 21st century, when apparently, no barriers exist to limit the communication between human beings, he, along with the rest of his family members, lives tormented by solitude, monotony, and silence. The only window that offers him an escape is his computer screen, through the unanswered e-mails that he writes to his ex-girlfriend Marina, a faceless, voiceless woman whom he paradoxically considers the only person capable of understanding him. He thus goes about constructing his autobiography through memory and the acceptance of his feelings. Just by talking to someone who isn't there, he feels able to overcome the isolation in which he lives. Life in the Windows is an epistolary tale about loneliness and the lack of communication in the era of communications. A novel about the influence that the virtual world has over our memories, our way of looking at the world, and the relationships we establish with others
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