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Divine intervention, a chronicle of love and pain

Divine intervention, a chronicle of love and pain
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Literary Form
non fiction
Main title
Divine interventionيد إلهية
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Nature of contents
Responsibility statement
پيرمد دستربتن ؛ همبرت بلسن پرسنتس ؛ ا فلم بي حل سلمن ؛ [پردد بي همبرت بلسن ؛ ورتن اند درتد بي حل سلمن]
Sub title
a chronicle of love and painچرنل ف لڤ اند پن /
What more is a lifetime than a myriad of moments? Like all of us, the moments in Christina Andre's life have been a medley of emotions-happiness and beauty eclipsed at times by hopelessness and darkness. But ultimately, her discovery of a loving church family and the birth of her daughters has helped guide her journey of faith, and she has been transformed into a woman of strength who shares her story and testimony in the hope that it will help others find God.Christina knows what it's like to sit beside a "perfect" Christian and struggle to experience a true awakening of heart and spirit. She's been there and doesn't want you to be there anymore. Engaging, relatable, and sincere, Christina invites us all to take a journey of faith and healing with her, so that in the end we can all experience the goodness and love of God
Table Of Contents
505-02/(3/r, سنت پرپرتي دسپت بد نغبرس لسنگ اپ شپ پت بمب چكپنت رندزڤس فثر فلس سك "ا ام رزي بس ا لڤ ي" وتنگ ننج ةند ردتس
Target audience
Yadun Ilahīyah

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