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It just so happened, Nancy Anderson, A Synchronistic Journey

It just so happened, Nancy Anderson, A Synchronistic Journey
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It just so happened
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Nancy Anderson
Life goes on, more or less as expected until, out of the blue, something happens that requires a change of course. In the early 1920's the famous psychologist Carl Gustav Jung became aware of the frequency of events in the lives of his clients in which he sensed an uncanny connection of the inner, unconscious world, with the outer, conscious world. In 1951, Jung formally introduced the word "synchronicity" to describe the phenomenon of a coincidence with meaningful effect. It includes the concept of the Trickster, the archetype that includes highly developed elements of the unconscious. It Just So Happened: A Synchronistic Journey is a chronicle of synchronistic events that influenced the author's life for ninety-seven years. The book was written by Nancy Anderson, niece of Norman Rockwell, who was co-founder of the C.J. Jung Society of Florida and a teacher of Jung psychology. The impetus for writing the book was itself a synchronistic event. For more than a decade, Nancy wrote short cameos about her family and relatives, but she wasn't interested in going into more detail about her own life. Then … It Just So Happened … a man named Earl Mackey, a friend and fellow-member of the Jung Society of Sarasota held a seminar on synchronicity, and Nancy realized there was a new, fascinating perspective of life she needed to share
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