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Understanding the inventions that changed the world, W. Bernard Carlson

Understanding the inventions that changed the world, W. Bernard Carlson
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Understanding the inventions that changed the world
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W. Bernard Carlson
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Great courses. History Modern history
History is made not only by kings, queens, presidents, and generals, but equally by inventors and the technological powers they unleash. This course explores the inventions that have changed the world from prehistoric times to the 21st century. Along with recounting famous inventions such as the steam engine, airplane, atomic bomb and computer chip, these lectures explore a number of surprising innovations, including beer, pagodas, indoor plumbing and department stores
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Disc 1. Great inventions in everyday life ; The Potter's wheel and metallurgy ; Beer, wine, and distilled spirits ; The galley, coins, and the alphabet ; Crossbows east and west ; Roman arches : Aqueducts and the Colosseum -- Disc 2. Waterwheels and clocks ; Pagodas and cathedrals ; Paper and printing ; Gunpowder, cannons, and guns ; Telescopes and microscopes ; The caravel and celestial navigation -- Disc 3. Unlocking the power of coal and iron ; Steam engines and pin making ; Canals and railroads ; Food preservation ; Water and sewer systems ; Battleries and electric generators -- Disc 4. Cameras, telephones and phonographs Electric light and power ; Department stores and modern retailing ; Motion pictures ; Surgery and the operation room ; Steel, glass, and plastics -- Disc 5. The model T ; Aviation : The "Wright" time for flight ; Radio and television ; Nuclear power ; Household applicances ; Electonics and the chip -- Disc 6. Satellites and cell phones ; Personal computing ; Genetic engineering ; The Internet ; Social media and democracy ; Inventions and history
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Inventions that changed the world
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