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Mastering civility, a manifesto for the workplace, Christine Porath

Mastering civility, a manifesto for the workplace, Christine Porath
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Mastering civility
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Christine Porath
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a manifesto for the workplace
A full-length guide based on the author's New York Times article, "No Time to Be Nice at Work," demonstrates how to enhance workplace effectiveness by mastering the skills of professional civility"From the leading authority on workplace incivility, Christine Porath, shows why it pays to be civil, and reveals just how to enhance effectiveness in the workplace and beyond by mastering civility. Incivility is silently chipping away at people, organizations, and our economy. Slights, insensitivities, and rude behaviors can cut deeply and hijack focus. Even if people want to perform well, they can't. Ultimately incivility cuts the bottom line. In [this book], Christine Porath shows how people can enhance their influence and effectiveness with civility. Combining scientific research with fascinating evidence from popular culture and fields such as neuroscience, medicine, and psychology, this book provides managers and employers with a much-needed wake-up call, while also reminding them of what they can do right now to improve the quality of their workplaces."--Amazon.comIt pays to be civil, in more ways than one. ln a recent survey, 95% of respondents believed that we have a civility problem, and 70% believed incivility has reached crisis proportions. Incivility impacts productivity, hijacks focus, and creates stressful environments. It leads to an unpleasant work environment and organizational instability. It even affects customer, client, and stakeholder relations. And, on a greater scale, it can lead to huge costs to the economy. Ultimately, incivility cuts the bottom line. ln Mastering Civility, author and professor Christine Porath shows how you can enhance your influence and effectiveness with simple acts of civility. Based on research that pulls from the experiences of tens of thousands of people across six continents in nearly every industry and type of organization, including startups, Fortune 500 giants, non-profits, and government agencies, Mastering Civility reveals the power that civility has to improve our lives. Divided into four parts, this guide first reveals the wealth of problems uncivil behaviors can produce. It then offers an eye-opening civility checkup and provides essential tools and actionable resources to turn civil behaviors into a daily practice for you and for your organization. And finally, Porath offers advice on what to do if you are the target of incivility. Mastering Civility is filled with self-assessments, evidence from popular culture and fields such as neuroscience, medicine, and psychology, and prescriptive takeaways on becoming more self-aware and dealing with different situations that arise--whether in the conference room or over email. Porath, the leading authority on workplace incivility, will show how you can remain civil and what you can do right now to improve civility in the workplace and beyond.--From dust jacket
Table Of Contents
Part I: The stakes: the high costs of incivility and the potential gains of civility. Clueless ; Sidelined ; Civility buys everything ; The incivility bug -- Part II: Civility checkup: how are you doing and how you can improve. Are you civil? ; The fundamentals ; Judge not ; Give more ; Practice E-civility -- Part III: Lift your organization: cycle to civility. Recruit ; Coach ; Score ; Practice -- Part IV: Lift yourself: handling incivility if you're the target. Your antidote to incivility ; Conclusion -- Tools: additional actions to become your best, most civil self -- Actions and impact for your group and organization
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