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Violet seekers, Tolbert McCarroll, Spiritual Reflections of Tolbert McCarroll

Violet seekers, Tolbert McCarroll, Spiritual Reflections of Tolbert McCarroll
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Violet seekers
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Tolbert McCarroll
"Violet Seekers" is an inspiring and uplifting collection of 49 reflections - divided into common seasons in both nature and human experience. Written by Brother Tolbert McCarroll of Northern California's Starcross Monastic Community, this treasure of spiritual reflections will help you navigate life and all of its wonderful adventures. In 2011, as Brother Tolbert McCarroll turned 80, it was becoming difficult for him to travel to offer help or see friends. Brother Toby's two longtime spiritual companions, Sister Marti Aggeler (1939-2016) and Sister Julian DeRossi (1947- ) suggested that he begin to write a weekly spiritual reflection which would come out on Fridays, so that their large circle of friends would have the weekend to mull them over. Thus was born the Friday Reflection series. Almost immediately, friends asked that Brother Toby's Reflections be collected published annually in book form. Fast forward to a moment not long ago, when some younger friends introduced the idea of a single book consisting of excerpts from nearly a decade of Friday Reflections. "Violet Seekers" is the result
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