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Noir archive 9-film collection, Volume 1, 1944-1954

Noir archive 9-film collection, Volume 1, 1944-1954
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Noir archive 9-film collection
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Address unknown (1944): Martin Schulz a German-American art dealer returns to Germany during the early Nazi era and quickly becomes caught up in Hitler's madness. After abandoning his partner's Jewish daughter, she flees for her life. But when Schulz has a run in with the Gestapo he discovers the horrifying error of his waysEscape in the fog (1945): A San Francisco nurse is plagued by recurring nightmares where she witnesses a man fatally assaulted on the Golden Gate Bridge. She takes her problems to a psychologist (William Wright) who's embroiled in efforts for wartime intelligence, and discovers to her shock that he is the victim from her dreamsThe guilt of Janet Ames (1947): The widow of a soldier who gave his life to save five buddies during World War II is determined to find out if each man was worth saving. But when a slight injury from a minor accident inexplicably paralyzes her, one of the survivors realizes her paralysis is purely mental and hypnotizes her in an effort to convince her he and the other four are good men. But is he just telling her what she wants to hear?The guilt of Janet Ames (1949): An ally of the exiled General Lafayette seeking a book of names that can end the bloody regime of RobespierreJohnny Allegro (1949): An ex-mobster agrees to work as an undercover agent for the U.S. Treasury Department. His assignment: travel to a Caribbean island, infiltrate a counterfeiting ring, and stop a plot to destroy America's economy by saturating it with phony currency711 Ocean Drive (1950): In this noirish crime tale, a Los Angeles telephone repairman helps a bookie set up a gambling ring. After the bookie dies, the technician takes over the operation and soon runs afoul of some mobsters from the East Coast who want a piece of his very lucrative businessThe killer that stalked New York (1950): Torch singer Sheila Bennet disembarks in Manhattan, having come from Cuba with $50,000 in hot diamonds at the behest of smuggler husband Matt Krane . Unbeknownst to her, Sheila's also carrying smallpox, and she becomes the object of a second-and far more high-stakes-hunt by the authoritiesAssignment Paris (1952): Jimmy Race is a reporter assigned to the Paris office of the New York Herald Tribune. After encountering a beautiful French journalist, Race learns of a plot by the Hungarian government to overthrow the communist dictatorship. Travelling to Budapest to get some answers, Race begins covering the most dangerous story of his careerThe Miami story (1954): With neither the local authorities nor the feds able to get the goods on vicious vice lord Tony Brill, a Miami citizens' commission decides that it does take a thief, and recruits ex-con Mick Flagg to front as a rival. Will Flagg successfully bait the trap, or does he have his own agenda in mind?
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Disc one. Address unknown (75 min.) ; Escape in the fog (65 min.) ; The guilt of Janet Ames (83 min.) -- Disc two. The black book (89 min.) ; Johnny Allegro (81 min.) ; The killer that stalked New York (79 min.) -- Disc three. 711 Ocean Drive (102 min.) ; Assignment Paris (85 min.) ; The Miami story (75 min.)
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Noir archive nine-film collection, Volume 1, 1944-1954
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