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Jean Renoir, réalisation, Jean Renoir

Jean Renoir, réalisation, Jean Renoir
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Jean Renoir
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réalisation, Jean Renoir
Whirlpool of fate: after the suspicious death of her father a young girl runs away from her brutal uncle and joins a gypsy campNana: A women rises from poverty to become a dance hall queen and courtesan in 1860s Paris, destroying the lives of the men who fall in love with herCharleston parade: shows the journey of a man in blackface to a post-Apocalyptic Paris, where he meets a girl who teaches him the Charleston, and they leave together in his spaceshipThe little match girl: the visions seen by a poor match seller as she lights her matches one by one to keep from freezing to deathLa Marseillaise: a dramatization of the French Revolution, from the period immediately preceding it in 1789 up to the first bloody confrontationThe doctor's horrible experiment: experimental fantasy about a Jekyll/Hyde-type psychiatrist/lunatic creating havoc in 1950s ParisThe elusive corporal: set in a German P.O.W. camp in 1940, this is the story of a French corporal who is determined to escape to return to Paris and fight once more
Table Of Contents
Disc 1. La fille de l'eau = Whirlpool of fate / Les Films Jean Renoir ; screenplay, Pierre Lestringuez ; adaptation Jean Renoir (72 min.) -- Nana / Films Renoir ; screenplay, Pierre Lestringuez (130 min.) -- Disc 2. Sur un air de Charleston = Charleston parade / Neo-Film ; screenplay, Pierre Lestringuez (20 min.) -- La petite marchande d'allumettes = The little match girl / directed by Jean Renoir and Jean Tedesco ; screenplay, Jean Renoir (33 min.) -- La Marseillaise / Jean Renoir Company ; Societe d'Exploitations et de Productions Cinematographiques ; Societaire de la Comedie Francaise ; screenplay, Jean Renoir (132 min.) -- Disc 3. Le testament du Docteur Cordelier = The doctor's horrible experiment / Compagnie Jean Renoir/Sofirad ; screenplay, Jean Renoir ; (97 min.) -- Le caporal épinglé = The elusive corporal / screenplay and adaptation, Jean Renoir, Guy Lefranc, Charles Spaak ; produced by Adry de Carbuccia and Roland Girard (96 min.)
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