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American cuisine, and how it got this way, Paul Freedman

American cuisine, and how it got this way, Paul Freedman
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 415-429) and index
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non fiction
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American cuisine
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Paul Freedman
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and how it got this way
"With an ambitious sweep over two hundred years, Freedman's lavishly illustrated history shows that there actually is an American cuisine: it is an exuberant and diverse, if not always coherent, cuisine that reflects the history of the nation itself. Combining historical rigor and culinary passion, he underscores three recurrent themes--regionality, standardization, and variety--that shape a completely novel history of the United States. Freedman shows that American cuisine would be nowhere without the constant influx of immigrants, who have popularized everything from tacos to sushi rolls"--Dust jacket
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Introduction. what is American cuisine? -- Flowering and fading : American regional food -- Culinary nostalgia -- Community cookbooks -- The golden age of food processing, 1880-1970 -- Why Americans welcomed industrial food -- Women and food in the twentieth century -- Have your cake, choose from our fifteen fabulous flavors, and eat it too -- "Ethnic" restaurants -- The magical 1970s -- The food revolution grows up -- Food in the year 2020 and beyond
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