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From the Heart, Carol Daugherty

From the Heart, Carol Daugherty
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From the Heart
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Carol Daugherty
From The Heart is a collection of poetry written straight from my heart as I see the world, both real and fantasy. This earthly life at times has been negative such as when my husband was dying and Farewell To This Earth was written upon his passing. Family memories prompted A Wedding Portrait, Lovely Flowers On The Altar or Sequoia National Park. My first great granddaughter's birth suggested A Baby. Complaints about the weather created the poem How's The Weather? Lost your keys? Where The Key is put a humorous side to this problem. Mother Nature inspired I Heard A Bird Sing, A Rainbow, A River and The Cool Breeze. Life being what it is inspired Gods Presence, In God We Trust, and Let Us Pause. The annual Christmas Story about Jesus birth is told in a different way, from a donkeys point of view as he plods along with Mary on his back and Joseph at his side in Daniel Donkeys Special Trip. Daniel and his stable companions are in awe when the Wiseman appear. Miscellaneous subjects are covered in poems such as Proud To Be An American, Ice Cream, I'm A Poet And Know it, to name just a few. Christmas, Easter and the seasons bring change and written words often share what we feel. I invite you to come into my world for a brief time and share the experiences of life with me and me with you. Feel free to laugh, to cry, to feel sad or just inspiration to improve your relationships with others
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