Live free, exceed your highest expectations, DeVon Franklin
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  • Live free, exceed your highest expectations, DeVon Franklin
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  • Live free
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  • exceed your highest expectations
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  • DeVon Franklin
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  • Live free
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  • The bestselling author returns with his biggest book yet in which he teaches us the secret to living a happier life: get rid of as many expectations as possible--of ourselves, our future, our relationships, our career and our family
  • Expectations are the secret software, running on the hardware of our minds, controlling our emotions, decisions, and actions. But modern life and unrealistic expectations can cause us to feel like we're not doing enough, earning enough, acquiring enough-- that we're simply not enough. Franklin shows that, if we can set our expectations, we can set ourselves up for success. He gives readers the tools they need to properly set our expectations: analyzing our expectations to decide if they are realistic, and them communicating them. Once you learn to let go of expectations that weigh you down, you can set the stage for the life you've always wanted. -- adapted from jacket
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Table of contents
  • Introduction: Are you living free? The expectation revelation -- Are you living free? -- Set yourself free -- PART 1. PERSON EXPECTATIONS: The dangers of expectations -- The secret software running your life: R.I.P Mr. Perfect; Get the bugs out of your operating system; We are how we think; The choice is yours -- Set yourself up for success: What's in it for you? ; You be you for you, not for them ; Get out (of the box) -- Your expectations are unrealistic: What is an unrealistic expectation? Unrealistic expectations are future resentments; The pressure to live up to what isn't real; The cost of striving too high (parents, be careful); Expectations from the School of Rock; What you actually can control -- Your expectations must be communicated: Learn your ABCs ; It's not always easy to hear NO; Expectation reset -- PART 2. CULTURAL EXPECTATIONS: Don't do it for the culture, do it for yourself: Canceled? ; It's your life to live; Follow your heart, no matter where you're from; You have to pay the bill -- Faith: the real sixth sense: Get into the position of faith; Participation takes you to your destination; Don't live on autopilot; Where art thou, God?; See with godly vision; Expectations exceeded -- Get your hope back: The devastation of disappointment; Gotta have hope; The information prescription; Dare to hope -- Part 3. Relational expectations: Are you about to end it all?; The myth of the perfect relationship; Only you can make you happy; Let's talk about sex; The expectations of "I Do"; Don't get married because you're expected to; Expectationships -- Silence is deadly: Communicate, or else; How baked chicken taught me my greatest lesson about relationships; Clean your glasses; What lies beneath; Explain instead of expect; You control only yourself (and the remote); Talking is all about listening -- There's no cure for singleness, because it's not a disease: The upside of being single; Be here (and happy) now; Love affirmation for singles; No sex. No problem; Set expectations early in the relationship; Dating 101: Where is this going?; Release the past -- PART 4. PROFESSIONAL EXPECTATIONS: The process is the result: The path to mastery; My expectation breakdown; Break your addiction to results; Perfect your process; Teamwork makes the dream work; The richer the soil the better the growth -- Fix your goals: Get real about your goals; Setting the GPS system of your life; Life is to be lived; You control the now but not always the when; The secret to achieving your goals; Become a better boss -- To succeed you must exceed: Become addicted to information; Learn your boss; Think outside your perspective; Communicate, communicate, and communicate some more; Don't just meet expectations, exceed them -- Feel your feelings: Hear what your spirit is saying; Count the cost; Unlock your potential; When it's okay to quit -- Epilogue: Accomplish more; Go with the flow; Expect the unexpected; Unexpected events can reveal unexpected gifts; Find treasure in tragedy; Get your joy back; Be free to be you
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